Carnet ATA and Health Certificates

A Carnet ATA (Admission Temporaire) can be used amongst others for the temporary tax-free importation of horses in the international traffic of goods. An Carnet ATA makes the temporary importation much easier due to standardized and the elimination of any security deposits. A Carnet ATA is a customs passport for the temporary use of goods. (including goods for sport events -> horses for international competitions). Another advantage is the speedy border clearance. With the standardized form, the handling is simplified. All parties of the ATA Agreement recognize the Carnet ATA for a period of up to one year. Currently it is possible to use it in 77 countries.

A Carnet ATA can be used for multiple border crossings within the one-year validity. Thus, the Carnet ATA is not limited for the international Military Frauenfeld, but can be used also for the international event in Lausanne ( Equissima Lausanne ) or another events in Non-EU area (from 29 March 2019 also Great Britain).

If you are traveling with your horse to an event abroad, you will need a health certificate in paper form, which will be issued after by the responsible official veterinarian . The health certificate is valid for 10 days. For a health certificate for your horse, you should ask for an appointment at your responsible official veterinarian at least two working days before travelling.
To reduce your effort a little bit, we prepared here for each country an appropriate information sheet or helpful web links.

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